takes care of the most beautiful girls from Amsterdam at your hotel or at home

regelt voor u de mooiste meisjes uit Amsterdam in uw hotel of bij u thuis


All inclusive 160 Euros per hour.

What the Sex From Worker Can Expect

Effective August 1, the on-duty manager will be at the agency address of record within 12 minutes of any emergency or administrative checks.

Documents and forms concerning the independent sex workers contract with Amsterdam Escorts will be available for review by Gemeente Amsterdam at all times.

Independent sex workers are encouraged to practice safe sex and have the right to refuse service to any client or to perform/engage in any unsafe sexual act(s) at any time and for any reason.

Independent sex workers have the right to refuse drugs and/or alcohol at any time.

Independent sex workers have the right and are encouraged to undergo testing for STDs and HIV/AIDS at regular intervals or when needed.

Independent sex workers have the right and are encouraged to examine all customers genital areas and to refuse sexual acts if they suspect the customer has an STD.

A copy of the Hygienic Guidelines is included in the intake package and will be on site in the agency office during business hours.

Written information materials about (preventing) STDs will be available to all independent sex workers of the agency. A list of links for immediate download includes:

Bacterial vaginosis: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/bact_vag-eng.pdf

Candida: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/candida-eng.pdf

Chlamydia: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/chlamydia-eng.pdf

Genital herpes: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/genital_herpes-eng.pdf

Genital warts: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/genital_warts-eng.pdf

Gonorrhea: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/gonorrhoea-eng.pdf

Hepatitis B: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/hepb-eng.pdf

HIV/AID: Shttp://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/hiv_aids-eng.pdf

Pubic lice: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/pubic_lice-eng.pdf

Scabies: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/scabies-eng.pdf

Syphilis; http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/syphilis-eng.pdf

Trichomoniasis: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/trichomoniasis-eng.pdf

Vaginal hygiene: http://www.soaaids.nl/documenten/vaginale_hygiene.pdf

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Escorts

 Welcome to Amsterdam Escorts.nl, the best online resource for the hottest escorts in Amsterdam and local hotspots around the original City of Sin. Here you can browse through our gallery of tempting escorts, discover exciting places to visit while in town, locate fantastic restaurants and hotel suggestions. Our website includes booking and reservation info on our outstanding Amsterdam escort service, as well as travel tips and useful articles about the city’s history and the allure of the local sex industry. 

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 It’s no secret that Amsterdam is the sexiest city on Earth, and Amsterdam Escorts.nl hosts a roster of the hottest ladies anywhere in Europe. We are fully licensed and offer legal escort services for men and women who want to explore their wild sides while in Amsterdam. Each one of our dazzling escorts has a unique look and exudes an open-minded sensuality which could set your libido on fire. Whether you’re into fresh faced blondes or smoldering brunettes, mature women or wild party girls, we’ve got a bevy of buxom beauties waiting to fulfill every one of your desires. Our Amsterdam escorts can turn your fantasies into tactile realities, taking you on unforgettable journeys of ecstasy. 

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 Amsterdam is designed for indulgence. It’s one of the only places in the world where your every impulse and desire can be met and exceeded. Amsterdam Escorts.nl caters to its clients by offering some of the best, most affordable, and exquisitely personal escort services in Amsterdam. Here are a few of the ways our client-oriented structure can unlock your fantasies like no other.

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Expand Your Horizons

 One of men’s hottest fantasies is often being pleasured by two gorgeous women at the same time. Many of our escorts in Amsterdam are open to threesomes. They are experienced in the unlimited universes of pleasure, and love to have another hot playmate to share! Let two of our incredibly adventurous and sexy girls explore every inch of your body while you indulge in theirs. If you’ve never experienced the absolute ecstasy of two lovely bodies against yours, then you should definitely make it a point to add a threesome session to your Amsterdam adventure!

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Explore Amsterdam

 There are tons of places to visit and unique and sexy experiences you can have outside of your hotel room with an escort from Amsterdam. Our girls are not only here to fulfill your desires in the bedroom, but they can also make for fun, knowledgeable and incredibly hot dates out on the town. 

Our website is filled with suggestions for great food, dance clubs and live music venues catering to all tastes, as well as some of the locally loved (and rarely tourist-travelled) sex clubs. We also have extensive reviews of some of the area’s best-known sex clubs and adult novelty shops, as well as fetish boutiques, massage parlors, bars and lounges.

Whether before or after you and your Amsterdam escort spend some time getting to explore your fantasies to the fullest, take the time to get to know the wonderful city of Amsterdam on an exciting date with one of the most gorgeous women in town!